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It is widely accepted that hot water bathing and the hydrotherapy massage of air and water jets have many beneficial effects. From the moment you immerse your body into a warm spa it begins to experience changes that make you feel good. The increased blood circulation, with no additional strain on the body, helps to remove impurities and relieves tired and aching muscles.

Steam rooms and saunas are a great way to relax whilst taking advantage of a range of health benefits - stress relief, body detoxification, soothing aching muscles and painful joints. Just sitting in a sauna for thirty minutes can, apparently, burn as many calories as the same time spent rowing!

Our bespoke saunas are built from World Class Company while our glass-fronted Steam rooms, which are constructed and installed individually by Marlin Pools, are available in a range of attractive finishes including Mosaic tiles. Expertly constructed steam rooms and saunas that perfectly complement our award-winning swimming pools.