Types Of Pools

Welcome to Marlin Pools pvt Ltd. Residential Pool Gallery. Swimming Pool Design can be classified into different categories according to the life style and design taste. We will design your dream pool to match your architectural style and any preferences you might have.  Below are the main categories (Geometric, Freeform & Negative edge) of pool design for you to explore. Each Pool Design can also be intensify by a variety of features and Accessories.

Freeform pool design

Freeform pool design consist of mostly curved angles and are ideal for creating natural looking settings.  Freeform pools are the perfect tie-in to your nature-oriented landscaping. With the ability to fit perfectly into any space, these freeform swimming pools are not defined by straight lines or hard angles.

Geometric pool design

Geometric pools are characterized by having a specific shape such as square, rectangular and oval with sharp lines and straight edges. If your place has a sharp line and strong architecture, geometric swimming pool may be perfect for you.

Negative edge pool design

Negative edge pool gives the impression that they merge into the surrounding landscape. People choose negative edge swimming pools for the looks and status that the offer. Often used in luxury spots and hotels, installing a negative edge shell on your place is the ideal way to bring that glamour into your home.