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New Construction

At Marlin Pools, we build and install two different types of pools – concrete (gunite) pools and San Juan fiberglass pools. Each pool type can be installed in the ground or elevated above grade. The pool installation process and project completion timelines for each pool type can vary. Fiberglass pools typically require fewer steps during the installation process, shortening the project completion time-frame.

The most important component in any construction project is communication. The project scope will determine the construction timeline, but many projects can be completed within 90 days or less, weather permitting. Each construction step happens in a specific order, with quality control checks and balances put into place by our team. Below is a brief description of a typical pool installation. It varies somewhat on our more complex projects. Proper execution of each stage is critical to the success of the next stage.

Pool Construction Process

Before we can move forward, we have some preliminary site work to do. We’ll get your pool construction drawings completed, permits and HOA approvals procured, PUPS (Palmetto Utility Protection Services) will be contacted to have underground utilities located and depending on the project, one or more initial pre-construction meetings will take place at the pool site location with our construction team. We take care of everything. Before pool construction begins, our construction team and your design consultant will lay out your pool in your backyard following the specifics of the plans before a shovel hits the ground. We will ask for your participation during the back-end of this appointment. Once you’ve approved of the layout and other project specifications, forming and excavation can be scheduled to begin.

Step 1: Laying Out Your Pool

Step 2: Form and Dig

Step 3: Plumbing

Step 4: Steel Reinforcement

Step 5: Concrete Shell Application

Step 6: Tile and Coping

Step 7: Decking

Step 8: Fencing

Step 9: Interior Finish

Step 10: Start Up Your Pool and Swim!

Step 11 - Operation & Maintenance