Infinity Building beautiful infinity pools with the Marlin Pools have gained great popularity over the past few decades. Often placed to stunning effect in holiday resorts and luxurious estates, an infinity pool is designed to give the impression that it merges into the surrounding landscape. Sometimes, infinity pools are referred to as infinity edge, disappearing edge or negative edge pools. One of their characteristics is that there is at least one optically missing or invisible edge of the pool which enables the scenery to be viewed in a different perspective. The water flowing over this edge produces an effect of water with no boundary. Whether the view is of the sky, cityscape, trees, forest, lake or sea, this spectacular architectural element creates a remarkable showpiece for any home.


As you would expect, constructing an infinity pool is not an easy task. At Marlin Pools, we have all the knowledge required to master the extensive architectonic, structural, and mechanical detailing required. Our unique technologies enable us to build pools with a disappearing edge and our experienced pool builders can construct infinity pools even in very difficult conditions.