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Swimming pools for Hotels / Resorts/ Clubs

A pool that's part of your home...and not just for summer but for every day of the year. What could be more convenient, or more luxurious? Marlin Pools specialise in indoor swimming pool design and construction.

Whether your indoor swimming pool is built as an extension to the house, in a basement or as a separate pool house, Marlin Pools will create, design and construct an indoor swimming pool that both respects and enhances the design of your property.

And with just a little creativity, an indoor pool can be transformed in to your own private leisure area. Adding a spa or a hot tub, sauna, steam room or gym could transform your indoor pool area in to an all year round sanctuary. Creating a space for both relaxation and exercise to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

If you are considering an indoor swimming pool building then consider, Marlin Pools, known for our reputation and excellent craftsmanship, as the leading Indoor Swimming Pool designer and installers. So make the most of your home with a Marlin Pools.